“Cap ou pas cap?”

December 23, 2009

In high school, I went through a phase where all I watched were French films.  In the midst of my cinematic exploration, I discovered a romantic/black comedy called “Jeux d’Enfants” which means “children’s games” but was later retitled “Love Me If You Dare.” The film stars actress Marion Cottilard (Oscar-winner who can currently be seen in “Nine”).

“[The film] follows the exploits of two young would-be lovers as they go from childhood to adulthood with themselves as the greatest hurdle to their own happiness. Julien and Sophie first meet at the age of eight when both are undergoing great trauma: Julien is watching his mother die and Sophie has become the focus of intense hazing at the hands of some fellow schoolmates. On one fateful day, Julien decides to stick up for Sophie and pulls a practical joke on her tormentors. Henceforth, the two embark on a close friendship that revolves around daring each other to pull increasingly audacious practical jokes, rather than on the seemingly obvious intimate relationship they seem dangerously close to discovering at any moment.

I love this film.  Love it.  You are doing yourself a disservice not finding it, grabbing a glass of wine and enjoying a night in.


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