I listen to a lot of music.

December 23, 2009

I listen to a lot of music and this handy little website called Last.fm keeps track of it all.  It tracks every single song that is played in iTunes and on my iPod and compiles all the stats to show what I listen to most, the artists I have played most, etc.  I go to my Last.fm profile an unhealthy amount of times during the day.  I obviously know what I listen to as I am listening to it, but it’s so interesting to see it displayed in such a neat way alongside all the other things I listen to.

In addition, Last.fm is a social networking site (as if there aren’t enough of those).  So you can track your own stuff, and then compare it to others who are tracking theirs.  When you visit another profile, it tells you the compatibility that particular user.

Neat? I think so.

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