It’s just a little crush.

January 7, 2010

Who remembers Jennifer Paige?  10 points if you do.  Her pop hit “Crush” was a pretty big deal in ’98.  I definitely had the cassette single.  Like most people during the late ’90s, she faded as quickly as her fake hair color and she’s struggled stay even slightly relevant since.  However, she possesses a fair amount of talent (if you dare to YouTube her other stuff).

So, why is it that some of the most talented artists are merely “one hit wonders”?  Some have claimed their one hit and actually do go on to produce solid music years and years after they impact the charts.  Maybe Jennifer will find her way back into the hearts and minds of popular radio consumers.  Until then, she’s just another blonde with a catchy tune.  Sad stuff.

[Updated @ 9:10pm: Upon further review, she isn’t that great of a singer.]

Check out the video for “Crush” below:


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