Vanity who?

March 1, 2010

So it is safe to say that the post-2000 girl group is nonexistent.  Many are trying and while some are producing amazing tracks and albums (Electrik Red, RichGirl, etc.), none are managing to hit superstardom like girl groups in 1990s (En Vogue, Spice Girls, TLC, etc.).

So I went back some years and revisited Prince’s famed group Vanity 6.

Brassy, bold, hypersexual and raunchy, Vanity 6 gives me everything I need and want in a girl group that doesn’t exist currently.  They wrote and produced their entire album.  Electrik Red is getting there though.  Anyway, peep Vanity 6’s amazing throwback “Nasty Girl” below:

SN: Vanity, the lead singer of the group, became a born again Christian and is now an Evangelist who has denounced all of her work and life under the name Vanity.  She suffered drug addiction, domestic abuse and still lives with many medical issues which she attributes to her hard lifestyle as a singer and actress.


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