Ms. Misunderstood

March 29, 2010

Erykah Badu has the chil’ren confused again.  Badu debuted her video for “Window Seat,” which features Badu emerging from a car and walking down the streets of Dallas while stripping off her clothing piece by piece.  The video ends with Badu, fully nude, being shot and bleeding to death.

On surface value, the video is nothing short of odd.  However, nothing is surface level with Ms. Badu.  Following her on Twitter, I was able to read her commentary on the video.  The video is an artistic means of opposing the idea of groupthink, which is relies on group consensus as a thought process.  Badu, who relies on stepping out of the box to thrive, shows through her video that groupthink can ultimately lead to the murder of individuality and creativity.  Her body falls approximately at the same spot that JFK was murdered.

The last lines of the video, voiced by Badu, give particular insight into the effects of groupthink via Ms. Badu.

Sidenote:  The video was shot in one take.


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