May 25, 2010

Confession #1:  I love Sex and the City”

Confession #2:  I don’t wish to ever watch the television show.

I am eagerly anticipating the new “Sex and the City” film.  With every conversation I have with SATC fans, they are always surprised I am so anxious to see a film based on a television series I have not seen nor have the desire to see.  My love for this franchise is entirely superficial.  I have no real connections to the characters on any substantial level.  I don’t care to expound upon a silver screen relationship with them more than the 2 hour commitment my movie ticket financially binds me to.

I simply love the aesthetics the film presents.  I heart the fashion and the bright hues than seem to blind me in my seat.  The aesthetics are like the fifth girlfriend that often goes uncredited.  I love that women (and many men) wish to be that fifth girlfriend.  It’s like knowing something spectacular is going on and wanting to be there, just to be there.  It’s impossible not to at least try to get it.  No more, no less.  The subsequent allure of a movement like the one “Sex and the City” inspires is only the icing on an already fashion-forward delicacy.

I’ll be in a cinema this weekend enjoying another fruitless romp with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha — not because I love them, but because I enjoy experiencing what they do for others and the fabulousness they embody while doing it.  That’s the extent of our relationship and I’m pretty okay with that.


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