Addio del passato

June 9, 2010

Part of my geekdom is attributed to my intense love of the arts.  Beyond dance & musicals is a much more dismissed (and for me, quietly loved) addition to the arts — Opera.  I was able to study in Florence, Italy for a summer in the 2008.  As part of my academic requirements, I took Italian and another class in Italian Opera.  Reluctant to even try to understand Opera, I went in with horrible expectations.  After the careful introduction and easing in of arias and such, I began to find myself quite enamored with it.  We spent each day listening and watching works such as “Nabucco” and “Rigoletto” (that are often sampled today).  However, with the introduction of the opera “La Traviata,” I hit my operatic peak, for a lack of better phrasing.

La Traviata” tells the story of two lovers, from two very different worlds.  The female lead, Violetta, is a courtesan while her lover is a nobleman named Alfredo.  The two begin a love affair that is both tumultuous and star crossed.  The story can be found in various incarnations such as the hit film “Moulin Rouge.”  The 1983 film version of “La Traviata” has become one of my favorite films of all time and the one artistic piece that reminds me of my amazing experience in Florence.

Check out the amazing Teresa Stratas as Violetta and Placido Domingo as Alfredo in the finale of the film adaptation.


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