August 3, 2010

Remember Nina Sky?  Most will say, “the ‘Move Ya Body’ girls?”.  Well they are back and bringing much more than that hit from the past would indicate, though they really never actually left.  I had been hearing rumblings that the duo was fighting to get their music released under a label that wasn’t giving them priority.  I’m glad that they took the reigns and are releasing music, regardless of the terms on which it is distributed.

So, the ladies have finally re-emerged with a new EP entitled “The Other Side.”  The EP finds the ladies taking on a much more genre-bending sound, and it’s perfect.  It’s pop, it’s R&B, it’s Electro-funk, it’s got summer written ALL OVER it.  Matched with a new look that most won’t recognize, the ladies should hit musical gold with this EP and their fresh sound.  Check the tracklist below.

01. The Other Side
02. You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)
03. Too Long To Let Go
04. Beautiful People Refix
05. Only You (Take Me Away) (ft. Naledge of Kidz In the Hall)
06. Never Look Back
07. Love Song
08. You Ain’t Got It (Funk That) (Remix) (ft. Melo-X)

“The Other Side” can be downloaded for FREE right here.
#Shoutout to KeithanDeshawn.com for tip-off.


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