Abuse of ‘Power’

August 7, 2010

I’ll make this quick.  Kanye West just dropped a new video (or in his words “a moving painting”) for the track “Power” (a track that I love).  It is safe to say I’m underwhelmed.  While I am happy to welcome back Kanye to the scene and can appreciate the video’s visuals being aesthetically pleasing, I can’t get past the brevity of it all.  Moreso, I don’t quite enjoy how the video values the visual light years more than the great song, which we aren’t even given a full two minutes of.

I get it.  Kanye is a visionary.  I do.  However, he’s a pompous ass just as much as he is a visionary.  So, I’m sure that he is loving that his fans are hailing this as “art” and “groundbreaking” when I can’t see it as anything other than visually appealing. Michelangelo did this shit first, Kanye just made it move.


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