Tick tick tick.

August 22, 2010

What if you could implant a device that would tell you the exact moment you meet the love of your life?

It is a pretty far fetched idea but an intriguing one to consider nonetheless.  It is also the premise of a film I saw last night called, TiMER.  The film tells the story of a loveless orthodontist named Oona who is on the journey to find the man who will be “the one.”  What takes the story from ordinary to fascinating is that she, and most people in the film, are implanted with a device on their wrists that counts down to the time when they meet their soul mate.  Once they make eye contact, the device beeps and a new life full of love can begin.

Oona, however, has the wrist piece but its blank.  This means that her love has yet to be implanted with the device.  This causes Oona to go on a search hoping the next man will be get a TiMER and be “the one.”  Amidst her journey, she comes across an unlikely match, an apparent romantic misstep, who already has a TiMER set to go off in 4 months, with another person.  Problem ensues and issues of love and fate follow.

The movie is so interesting to me because it introduces a lot of neglected questions about love.  Is there really that “one” person out there?  If so, would we really want/need to know about it in advance? Can we not find the “one” amidst our past, revisiting and rediscovering love?  The idea of fate is thrown about so much but we can’t prove or disprove its existence.  I’d like to think that the efforts I make in life build upon each other to lead to something bigger, meaning that the larger “something” is in my control and at the disposal of my choices (be them good ones or utter mistakes).  It’s an interesting concept to ponder and the film did a great way of introducing it to me.

Check out the trailer to the film below.


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