Artist to Know : Jesse Boykins III

August 31, 2010

There are few young male soul singers who can carry the sophistication of the genre while maintaining and bringing the youthfulness to the music that is necessary for its progress.  For me, the only solo male crooner out there right now doing it and doing it well is Jesse Boykins III.  A Chicago/Jamaica/Miami/Brooklyn transplant with a slow burning sound, Boykins released his EP in 2008 (Dopamine: My Life on My Back) followed by his debut LP, The Beauty Created, spawning the personal favorite “SunStar.”

He’s continued to make music, dropping songs, making guest appearances on other records and performing in venues throughout the country.  He’s making an appearance on the upcoming Foreign Exchange album which I couldn’t possibly anticipate anymore than I do.  Yesterday saw the release of a song he says he opens all of his shows with, the Andre 3000-ode-to-love, “Prototype.”  Teaming up with MeLo-X & Trae Harris, the collaboration is everything a cover should be — bringing something fresh while maintaining the integrity of the original.

Check it out below & after the jump check out two other dope Jesse Boykins III tracks, “Amorous” and “SunStar.”

Jesse can be found online at The Life of a…Singer and on Twitter.


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