Artist to Know : Trish

September 2, 2010

Hard, pounding beats.  Seductive vocals.  A hip-hop mannequin.  That’s Trish.  Introduced to her music through a friend, my love of Trish has sprouted as much as it can for an artist who has yet to release a studio album.  However, the absence of a debut record doesn’t make the tracks that have hit the internet any less hot (& boy, they are hot).

The singer, hailing from Canada, is destined to touch the masses.  Her music is funky, catchy, danceable and pulsating.  Her look can give life to King Tut.  For some she may have the potential to be R&B/Hip-Hop’s answer to Lady Gaga but for me, I’d like to think she’s going to carve a niche of her own.  It’s a weird time to break into the music industry but Trish has built up such a buzz that I’m sure a label will snatch her up soon, if they haven’t already.

Check out Trish and her video for “Bump” below.  Tell me that beat doesn’t do something to you.

Peep more pics of Trish and the track “Mannequin” after the jump.


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