September 8, 2010

After reading a great post over at Treyning Day about the craziness that comes from unfollowing someone on Twitter, I began thinking about the other things that Twitter has sensitized us to.  As Trey’s experience concluded, people feel quite personally tied to their followers and those who follow them.  As a result, subconscious rules of Twitter self-acceptance have arisen.

There is a set of ridiculous politics that come along with and dictate appropriate Twitter relations.

1) Your Twitter followers MUST be greater than the the number of people you follow.

In some bid to feel accepted, it has become protocol for Twitter users to manipulate those who they follow so they can feel wanted by more people.  I’ve actually heard people say that they would go into their following list and unfollow people so they could have a greater number of followers.  What does this say about self-esteem?  I understand having greater followers because you wish to follow those you care to read, but purposefully trying to increase the gap between following & followers is a bit much.

2) You should be part of the new phenomenon, #teamfollowback, to increase your followers.

So lemme get this straight, you are offended when someone unfollows you but you will follow anyone who will follow you back?  You are just gonna skip over their tweets anyway while skimming for the people you actually care about.  What’s the point in having 7,000 followers who don’t know you from John Doe? #noshade

3) The only acceptable people that cannot follow you are celebrities.

If Solange ain’t following you back, cool.  The only possible explanation is that she is just a lil cooler than you, right?  They can be picky about who they follow so it justifies your reasoning to do the same.  -_-  Where’s your platinum record?  Your box office success?  You trying to get 1,000,000 followers off a Tumblr?  #childplease


I only say all of this so the next time you follow someone and they don’t follow you back or you start typing #teamfollowback in that Twitter box, you re-evaluate what purpose that really serves?  What deep, inner need for acceptance is that fulfilling.  Backspace that shit. #kthanks.


One comment

  1. LOL!! I don’t know what was more entertaining. The post, or the picture of the red-eyed bird. #idie…..#twice

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