Hello, Ms. Michele

September 9, 2010

Chrisette Michele (@epiphanygirl) has dropped her new single called “I’m A Star.”  Never one to disappoint vocally, Chrisette has another R&B gem on her hands.  The midtempo track finds Chrisette singing confidently about how she doesn’t need any man because she is “a star tonight.”  Not to be confused as cockiness, the track is all about empowerment.  In appropriate Chrisette Michele fashion, she exudes a sense of regality in her delivery while managing to counter it with the youthful content of how she’s “gonna do her.”  Not sure how this will fair as a radio single but any new material from Chrisette Michele is welcomed by my ears.

You can download the track over at Not Quite Millionaires, right now.

What do you think of the single?


One comment

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