September 9, 2010

JoJo (the young chanteuse who made her debut at as lil kid with “Get Out (Leave)”) is on her way to making what appears to be an interesting comeback.  Her last album The High Road dropped almost four years ago.  Some tracks have leaked over the years but no substantial project has been released from the now 19-year-old singer since.  This week saw that change.  Rap-Up.com dropped both JoJo’s new mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me and the corresponding video to her new single “In the Dark” today.

The single is strong.  It’s a beat-heavy breathy track which may disappoint some JoJo fans who expect big vocals.  The video, as simple as it is, does an adequate job in accompanying the sensual track.  The song has been in heavy rotation in my iTunes since it dropped.  Fans of the vocal acrobatics will be happy to know that the mixtape gives you all the life you need.

The actual mixtape is such a solid project that it probably could have been dropped as a real album.  Tracks such as “All I Want Is Everything” (which has 90s written ALL OVER it) and “Boy Without a Heart” (which finds JoJo singing with that Pastor grunt between phrases — she musta been feeling it) are almost too solid for a mixtape.  What’s even more impressive is that she has writing credits on almost every track.  I’m not complaining though, merely giving her the credit she deserves after such a long time away from the spotlight.  Welcome back, #wityogrownass.

You can download JoJo’s mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me here.  Check out JoJo’s 1st ever ever for “Get Out (Leave)” after the jump.



  1. I was a bit disappointed in the vocals on “In the Dark” at first.. but this song has grown on me! I feel what she’s singing… the video is eh so so but I agree – “Boy without a Heart” – YES!

  2. Yeah. It definitely had to grow on me too. It’s like “Gimme More” to me. LMAO. “Boy Without a Heart” took my ass straight to church. Haha.

  3. her mixtape is fire! I agree with you, it legitimately could have been an album.

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