Friday Freshness

October 1, 2010

In southeast London, there’s a singer.  A dope singer.  She writes songs too.  The songs are good–actually they are great.  Her name, you may ask, is Andreya Triana.

Featured within the pages of the October issue of Spin magazine, Triana immediately caught my eye.  She’s a gorgeous multiracial woman with eyes that look as if they house the lyrics to every song she’s ever sung.  Upon the recommendation of Spin and without the ability to put it on a to-do list, I instantly opened my Macbook in search of a song.  Eerily similar to English singer Adele, Triana has begun to carve her own place in music, showing signs of desirable authenticity.  An hour later, completely pleased with what I heard, I had her album Lost Where I Belong in heavy rotation.  A week later and it’s still there.

Andreya Triana’s music is categorically impossible to place.  It’s soul, it’s alternative R&B with bare as bones instrumentation, shellacked in coats of indie.  Her voice, a husky and heavy rumble, glides over instruments like molasses.  It’s something you can only really appreciate after listening.  I hope you do.  Check out the track “Draw the Stars” below.


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