Bring It 2 The Runway

October 14, 2010

There is a great new blog brewing on a topic that is both dear to my heart and notoriously overlooked by popular culture (though highly influenced by it).  Over at the new blog Bring It 2 the Runway you can begin to get a perspective on what the author, Brandon Hughes, has coined “performance runway.”  Performance runway, according to Mr. Hughes, relies on the skeleton of traditional modeling but expounds upon it making it “an art form that focuses on dramatic elements and entertainment contrary to traditional runway modeling.”  This form of performance has been embraced by organizations on college campuses across the United States, particularly at historically Black colleges/universities, as well as in the ballroom scene.  The debut and progression of performance runway has allowed its participants to develop the form into a substantial subculture sharing creative aesthetic uninhibitedly.

My own experience with this culture began as a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill.  I joined the modeling troupe on campus called cONcEpt of colors (pictured above) which lead to my eventual role as Vice President last year until my graduation from UNC.  As a group of 25+ individuals of varying backgrounds, we were able to come together forming a family of sorts in order to present performance pieces at community & campus events, competitions as well as pride ourselves on the service component that really grounded the organization beyond just the escapism of the visual.


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