Com4t Zone

November 24, 2010


I cannot lie.  I have amazingly talented friends.  Some find their strength in academia, some in fashion, others in humor, many in the arts.  I look at my friends as this collective group of powerful people creating amazing snapshots positioned in some assembled collage/hodgepodge of bigger-picture-genius.  One of my dearest friends, Marcus White, is a dancer/choreographer with a talent and drive unlike most people I’ve ever met.  I had the great opportunity to see another one of his beautiful creations (a work entitled “Com4t Zone“) this past weekend at the Prime Movers’ concert at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

My lack of technical knowledge of dance is something that makes processing a piece like “Com4t Zone” a bit difficult.  I look immediately for what the meaning SHOULD be as opposed to just letting the piece impact me with respect to my own Rashomon perspective.  Once I did that, I found a particular greatness in the piece that is like my own little gem of connectedness.  Dealing with issues of boundedness, I applied the piece to my own life as a struggle between the forces that give us great comfort but in doing so make us dependent and what happens when we try and free ourselves from that which holds us back, regardless of how much we think we need it.  I suggest you check out the work and leave your thoughts for Marcus.


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