Saturday Antiquing

October 6, 2012

I’ll admit, I used to walk the streets of Warrenton, North Carolina as a child without even taking a glance at what was around me, instead, choosing to walk to the local drug store for a vanilla coke or to the library for a summer reading day.  All the Mayberry-like activities that us small town people really do engage in sometimes.  Back then it was about fun and fun only really manifested itself as games, food and friends for this young fella.

Now, as an adult, going back to those same streets is an entirely new experience.  Rediscovering what is already so familiar is quite humbling as most of us from small towns are used to being treated as if we missed out on wondrous things or that amazing things could never have broken through our rural town limits.  Today I found that lovely, delightful, delicate things do populate the same spaces that I was so used to walking by.  It’s all about taking the time to see them and maybe even revel in them.

Did I mention I found vintage Dior in a random antique shop for $4?


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