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DIY: Belt Watches

August 4, 2012

I grabbed this idea from one of my favorite men’s style blogs, The X-Stylez.  Check out their post so you can see how they tackled this DIY as well.  What’s great about this DIY project is that you really only need two items to create a brand new accessory.

  • A small woman’s/child’s belt
  • A watch face

Be careful to make sure the watch face has big enough slits for your belt to fit through before actually going out and purchasing a belt, if you don’t have one on hand.  That the most difficult part of the process is making sure you’ve got the perfect belt for your watch face.  I found my belts at the thrift store $.50-$1 a piece and grabbed some old watch faces from my parents house as well as one from Goodwill.

Once you have those two items, just cut off the band of your watch (if you haven’t done so already) and slip in the belt in its place.  There you have it, a band new belt watch.  Check out three I made below.


DIY: Studded Loafers

July 27, 2012

I recently decided to try my hand at a little do-it-yourself project.  I’ve been a big fan of studding on clothing and shoes for a while but had yet to own a piece with the right kind of studded flare that I had envisioned.  After finding a really cute pair of loafers at my favorite thrifting spot, Value Village, I convinced myself to get to studding.

It’s pretty simple, if you’d like to do your own studding.  All you really need is:

  • An item to stud (shirt, jeans, bag, shoes)
  • Pyramid studs (I bought mine from Etsy for $5 bucks & got about 200 studs in gold and silver)
  • A box cutter
  • Pliers

Play around with your studs and figure out where exactly you’d like them to be placed.  Place a stud in the proper place, pushing down to leave an imprint.  Use your box cutter, VERY carefully, to place slits where the indentations from your studs are.  Once you’ve done that, slip the stud’s edges into the slits and fold them down on the opposite side of the item using your pliers.  It’s a tedious project but it proves to be pretty fun by completion.

Note: A few studs go a long way on a piece that already carries a lot of character.  I only added six studs to my initial pair of shoes and I think it gives them the right amount of pop.

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