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Shifting and Shaping

January 2, 2013


Well it looks as though that with 2013 in full swing, I’ll be changing things up a bit.  I’ve decided to move A Boy Named Henry to Tumblr and focus on personal style content and media (DIY, music, photos, etc.).  I’ll host my long form writing, strategy and arts-related posts on my personal portfolio site (

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Happy New Year!


Saturday Antiquing

October 6, 2012

I’ll admit, I used to walk the streets of Warrenton, North Carolina as a child without even taking a glance at what was around me, instead, choosing to walk to the local drug store for a vanilla coke or to the library for a summer reading day.  All the Mayberry-like activities that us small town people really do engage in sometimes.  Back then it was about fun and fun only really manifested itself as games, food and friends for this young fella.

Now, as an adult, going back to those same streets is an entirely new experience.  Rediscovering what is already so familiar is quite humbling as most of us from small towns are used to being treated as if we missed out on wondrous things or that amazing things could never have broken through our rural town limits.  Today I found that lovely, delightful, delicate things do populate the same spaces that I was so used to walking by.  It’s all about taking the time to see them and maybe even revel in them.

Did I mention I found vintage Dior in a random antique shop for $4?


Fashion is… [Photo Project]

April 17, 2012

I took to downtown Greensboro to do a photo project with my best friend, Perrine DeShield.  Under the theme of fashion, we explored four different looks (retro/quirky, glamorous, tribal/ethnic print, edgy/hard).  Check out the final products below.  (Disclaimer:  I’m so not a photographer!)  Enjoy.


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Maybe – A life glitch.

March 29, 2011

I’m on my Carrie Bradshaw shit tonight.  I was in my hotel room relaxing this past weekend and caught an episode of “Sex and the City” that found a disheveled Carrie contemplating a move to Paris with her boyfriend.  When divulging the news of her potential relocating, her friends were set off into a war of interrogatives laced with scathing doubt.

It got me to thinking, do we end up killing the potential opportunities in life with the questions our limited experiences won’t allow us to leave unanswered?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with something new and exciting but highly questionable.  So instead of pursuing it, figuring out its worth & learning from its potential, I have stopped myself from uncovering the possibilities it could birth.

I’ve made my own personal vow of sorts to take every sliver of life that seems like a horrible decision but has some shimmering piece of possible amazingness and just go with it, without attacking it with the whys and hows.

I’ve lived my 23 years addressing everyone else’s questions as it pertains to my identity, my life choices & my future.  I won’t allow those questions to be thrown at me anymore and I will be damned before I throw the knife at my own beautiful maybes.


Can you tell me the time?

January 14, 2011

For every bad day I’ve had & all of the ones to come.



November 24, 2010

Peep the amazingness that is Lea T., a transgendered Brazilian model making waves in the fashion industry, and appearing on the cover of the upcoming issue of Lurve magazine.  Lea, discovered by Riccardo Tisci, will appear on Oprah sometime in the near future, as reported this week.  It’s great to see the progressive steps like this in an industry often thought to be largely closed off to inclusion of minority groups.  If anything, the discussion and hopeful continued inclusion of transgendered beauties will begin a much needed dialogue on sexuality in the fashion industry and Lea has positioned herself as a beautiful catalyst.

Check out more photos of Lea T. after the jump.

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Com4t Zone

November 24, 2010


I cannot lie.  I have amazingly talented friends.  Some find their strength in academia, some in fashion, others in humor, many in the arts.  I look at my friends as this collective group of powerful people creating amazing snapshots positioned in some assembled collage/hodgepodge of bigger-picture-genius.  One of my dearest friends, Marcus White, is a dancer/choreographer with a talent and drive unlike most people I’ve ever met.  I had the great opportunity to see another one of his beautiful creations (a work entitled “Com4t Zone“) this past weekend at the Prime Movers’ concert at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

My lack of technical knowledge of dance is something that makes processing a piece like “Com4t Zone” a bit difficult.  I look immediately for what the meaning SHOULD be as opposed to just letting the piece impact me with respect to my own Rashomon perspective.  Once I did that, I found a particular greatness in the piece that is like my own little gem of connectedness.  Dealing with issues of boundedness, I applied the piece to my own life as a struggle between the forces that give us great comfort but in doing so make us dependent and what happens when we try and free ourselves from that which holds us back, regardless of how much we think we need it.  I suggest you check out the work and leave your thoughts for Marcus.

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