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For the love of the ‘Game’…

January 12, 2011

There’s something quite special going on over at BET.  That’s a pretty rare statement, especially coming from myself and my constant criticism (sometimes constructive, sometimes not) of the cable network.  Last night saw the season premiere of little show called The Game that had been written off two years ago by the CW, a network whose programming is limited to the confines of teen fiction adaptations.  The Game is a show centered around the lives of footballers and the women who stand beside them.  Did I mention the show boasts a cast of  African American actors and actresses?  Save one character, the show, when on the CW network, was one of the only casts on the small screen that didn’t need a Madea to gain viewers.

Although the CW squeezed out three seasons of the show, they inevitably cancelled the show after placing it in the dooming Friday night ‘death-slot’.  With its cancellation came petitions, campaigns and re-imaginings, all in the hope of resurrecting the show.  All of these efforts barely made the CW flinch and the network finalized its decision with a crop of new hour long dramas with a fresh crop of pale faces.  BET then picked up the episodes of The Game for their own network to rerun.  The show caught on with viewers and ratings for the reruns began to soar (with BET’s airing of the third season’s finale garnering more viewers than the CW’s original programming).

Here is where the-little-show-that-could’s story gets hopeful.  With the popularity of the reruns, BET decided they would go after the rights to the show in hopes of creating some original scripted programming.  After a tedious and drawn out process, the show was announced to be returning to television on BET.  Almost a year later and the show saw its fourth season premiere to nearly 7.7 million viewers.  Quite the middle finger to a network who gave up on it two years prior.

I’m not advocating that you must tune in every week or that you must neglect your regular viewing to support this show.  However, the show does have an irresistible amount of heart that shines quite unavoidably through its cast.  It’s rare that shows like The Game find their death certificate revoked (“Family Guy” was another great example of a show that found success in a second-go-round).  I will say that in my viewing of the show, it returns with as much gusto as it left us with and its pretty remarkable to witness.  If anything, the show’s cast and its fans have proved to television executives that with a lot of noise, underdogs can win games like this.

The Game airs Tuesdays at 10pm EST on BET.


Christina rips into Etta

November 19, 2010

Christina Aguilera appeared on The Ellen Show today singing Etta James‘ “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” and all I can say is…wow.  Oh yeah, Christina has a movie or something coming out.  Glitter 2 or something like that.  Go see it.  If you want.


Golden Love

February 2, 2010

Betty White (Rose of “Golden Girls”) sent a recovering Rue McClanahan (Blanche of “Golden Girls”) a floral arrangement and a get-well-soon note.  The note simply said:

“I hope you die, so I can be the last Golden Girl.”



To sleep perchance to dream

December 27, 2009

I laugh every damn time I watch this.  I love Rue.



December 22, 2009

Golden Girls are like free therapy.  Each with a conceivably different personality type, these ladies make my days survivable.  They were one of the first sitcoms revolving solely around women.  Look how the idea of 4 unique women enjoying friendship has taken off since the show was cancelled.  “Living Single,” “Sex & The City,” “Girlfriends,” “Desperate Housewives” got it from these mamas.

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